Baroque 360°
28.10.16  20:30  Leuven, Transit Festival, info & tickets
05.11.16  16:30  's Hertogenbosch, November Music, info & tickets
Baroque 360° in the press

<<B'Rock presented brand new, finger-licking good music at Transit. The biggest surprise was Wim Henderickx's On Haiku. A marvelous ritual, imploring like the rustle of leaves on a windless day.>>

Annemarie Peeters
De Standaard, 31.10.2016
Joep Stapel
NRC Handelsblad, 08.11.2016

Baroque 360°

Wim Henderickx
New composition for sho and baroque ensemble
Matt Wright
New composition for electronics and baroque ensemble
Reza Namavar
New composition for voice and baroque ensemble
Louis Andriessen
Naomi Sato sho
Matt Wright electronics
Deborah York voice

Are baroque instruments only suited to baroque music? Not in B'Rock's world, where present and past occasionally sample each other with great curiosity or embrace each other as old friends. This programme opts resolutely for the second approach. Louis Andriessens Miserere, for example, is reminiscent of the illustrious 17th-century composition by Gregorio Allegri. In addition, three composers are now writing new concertos for B'Rock in the 'XS' format: in each case, five strings and a basso continuo join forces with a single special solo instrument, ranging from the Japanese sho to live electronics and the human voice – each a notable guest in what is an eminently baroque instrumental form. Wim Henderickx (BE), Matt Wright (UK) and Reza Namavar (NL) each in their own way explore the potential of historical instruments in a world of contemporary sound. What they all share is a penchant for experiment and improvisation.



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